There is less left for the exhibition in Lleida! From September 27 to 30 of this 2018.

We are looking forward to the moment, we encourage you to come and see our machines.

Here are some reasons not to miss Eurofruit:

  • Because there is no other fair of these characteristics, and the Eurofruit International Exhibition, with 30 editions, is a good precedent..
  • Because it is a professional fair designed for professionals, and that is where the contacts and the business possibilities are.
  • Because Fira de Lleida has already demonstrated its specialization in the primary sector and its organizational capacity with the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair.
  • Because Lleida is a very important production area with a significant economic influence on bordering territories.
  • Because it has the support of Afrucat, the Business Association of Fruta de Catalunya, producers who know what they have in hand and what the sector needs.
  • Because, in September, we have to start planning the next fruit season.
  • Because they have a team of professionals at my service to advise me in the dissemination of my products and in the coordination of visits and contacts.
  • Because they offer me a space to present the news with which I go to the fair.
  • Because with a minimum investment I will have access, in one place, to dozens of potential clients, without having to visit them one by one.
  • Because I will enjoy a showcase where all the offer on fruit growing is concentrated, which will help me to save trips and, therefore, time and money..
  • Because I will update my knowledge and my information about the sector thanks to the technical conferences and specialist conferences.
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