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We are the 4th generation of implements manufacturers for the field.

In the year 1898, Zacarías Triginer started in a blacksmith shop in the center of Agramunt, to make ironwork on the mules and make implements dragged by animals.

The first machines were made of wood and with rivets, to work in the field. The following machines were built of iron and bolted, later the welding arrived. Since then all implements have been manufactured robust and long-lasting.

In the year 1950, Prudenci Triginer and with his brother Joaquim Triginer, expanded the company, manufacturing the first trailers, plows and hydraulic elevators for tractors.

In the year 1967, Angel Triginer established his own company, being the inventor of straw bale loaders, rock pickers and tree pruners.

In the year 2001, Juan Carlos Triginer takes over from the company, to this day.
Even being different societies; the brand has always been “TRIGINER”.

The location of the workshops has always been in the town of Agramunt. Currently and for 10 years we are located  in 3 factories and warehouses in a total area of ​​4,000 m2.

TRIGINER” is still a family business. Currently the world leader about rock picking machines, unique for its design and reliability.