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Up to 4 cm branches

It adapts to the arms of a loader or replaces the cutting arm from a tree pruner. Its adaptation is by bolts and quick plugs. The blades are replaceable one by one, using screws. Cut branches up to 4 cm. in diameter and has a cutting speed of up to 5 km. / hour . Its speed, cycles per minute, up to 500 minute oscillations is adjustable, at 200 it also cuts well.

The cut of the blades is more perfect than from the discs, equal to the pruning shears. It does not make any dust, which allows to work in summer with the open windows of the tractor.

The duration of the sharpening of the blades is much greater than the sharpening of the discs. Since it cuts at low revolutions, it can work with pumps of 60 liters per minute. The cut is made by a double crankshaft with two opposite blade lines as well as scissors, with a cutting power much higher than a pneumatic scissors.


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