Why is it important to clean public beaches of non-native stones?

The presence of stones dragged by the sea or by different atmospheric phenomena favours the presence of parasites, bacteria and fungi, which are harmful to the health of bathers.
How can they be cleaned in a way that is quick, economical and does not harm the ecosystem?
By using specialized machines for this work, such as rock pickers machines, which only collect the stones, respecting the native sand of the place.

Maximum Performance Machines

Rock Picker high performance thanks to its unloading system on the trailer or truck. Hydraulic transmission: hydraulic pump directly coupled to the tractor PTO, which gives pressure to 2 hydraulic motors -wheel and chain-.

We leave you with this video filmed on the beach of Ondarreta, San Sebastian, Spain, where you can see perfectly the operation of the machine, if you want more technical information you can visit the technical data sheet of the depregger in our website our web site.