Rake RA-8 open 2

Speeds soil preparation

One of the few disadvantages of the soil strippers is their limited working width. For this reason our engineering team has designed a range of Rake Rakes to cover 3 times more ground than a Rock Picker.

These machines concentrate all stones in a radius of up to 6.75 m in a central windrow of up to 1.30 m to be collected with a single-pass Rock Picker .

In short, by combining a windrower and a stubble cutter, you will prepare your land up to 3 times faster than in a conventional way.

Rakes in the form of adapters

In addition to the rake rakes, we also have the complementary rake that can be attached to any of our stubble cutter machines.

They are easily attached to each side of the machine and push the stones within a radius of up to 5 m to the center of the machine for collection.

It is a more economical option and specific to your needs.

For more information about this add-on please contact us.

Adapter rake for Triginer mowers