More than 50 years of experience

Our company is committed to providing you with cutting-edge solutions adapted to the way you work. We guarantee full support to help you make decisions at any level.

When you buy a machine manufactured at Maquinaria A. Triginer, you are buying a machine designed and built by a team of professionals in the agricultural sector. The quality of our products exceeds the standards of agricultural machinery.

Currently, our main products are Rock Pickers and tree pruners.

Qualified personnel

We have qualified personnel, reasonable prices and delivery times, which allow our customers to optimize their resources, thus generating added value to their operations. Our quality, safety, management and homologation systems guarantee that our products and services meet the requirements of an international class company.

Our Mission

To offer quality products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Implement continuous improvement to increase efficiency and improve the quality of our services and products. Provide ongoing communication and training to our employees to increase their involvement and encourage them to take pride in their achievements. Ensure that all our activities are beneficial to our community, environment and stakeholders.

About our history

Four generations

Since 1968, we have developed a wide variety of machines, both in the agricultural and public works sectors.

We are the 4th generation of farm implement manufacturers.

In 1898, Zacarias Triginer started a blacksmith's shop in the center of Agramunt, to make iron fittings for mules and to manufacture implements pulled by animals.

The first machines were made of wood and with rivets, to work in the field. The next machines were made of iron and bolted, later came welding. Since then, all implements have been manufactured sturdy and long lasting.

In 1950, Prudencio Triginer, together with his brother Joaquim Triginer, expanded the company, manufacturing the first scrapers, plows and hydraulic lifts for tractors.

In 1967, Angel Triginer (pictured left) established his own company and was the inventor of straw bale loaders, dethatchers and disc pre-pruners.

In 2001, Juan Carlos Triginer took over the company until today. Even though they are different companies, the brand has always been "Triginer".

The location of the workshops has always been in the town of Agramunt. Currently and for the last 10 years we are located in the industrial park in 3 warehouses and warehouses in a total area of 4,000 m².

"Triginer is still a family-owned company. Today, it is a world leader with its unique design and reliability.

Our Team

Our qualified technical staff will ensure that you receive the perfect advice on the most suitable machines for your project.

If you need a quotation or technical advice, we are here to help you.