Machines built for life

Our stone splitting machines are the only ones in the world, because they work at depth, removing the stone that is buried up to 50 cm and those that are already on the surface.

The stone it picks up is from 1.7 cm to more than 1 meter depending on the model chosen and the tractor available.

Adjustable working depth from 5 to 50 cm depending on the terrain and tractor power.

PTO-driven machines at 540, 750 and 1,000 rpm.

The stones are picked up by an endless conveyor chain, which collects, separates and elevates the stones to a rear TANK .

Reel feeder with floating shaft and hydraulic damping, helical blade distribution.

Machine output for a working width of 1.9 m, from 30 to 90 m3/h.

Working cycles of loading and unloading of the machine from 4 to 15 minutes, depending on the density of the stone to be de-stoned.

All our machines are transported by truck and by sea in 20" or 40" H.C. 40" containers and Flat Rack.

Manufacturing quality

A unique value company

A first class farmer experience.

Our family of machines works perfectly and allows the de-stoning of any type of soil.

With a modern, efficient and elegant technical design. Our engineering provides first class usability, adapting to all customer needs.

Present on five continents

For more than 30 years our machines have been working all types of soils all over the world. Examples are countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Chile, Mexico, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Swaziland, Lebanon, South Africa, China, Vietnam, Canada, etc...

All our machines are transported by truck, and by sea in 20" or 40" H.C. and Flat Rack containers.

Elements that make up our Rock Pickers