• Project Name: DSR-4 Rock Picker
  • Type of destoner: Trailer unloading
  • Capacity of TANK: 4 m³
  • Unloading height from the ground: 3.3 m (10 ft.)
  • Minimum tractor power: 190 HP
  • Working width: 1.9 m
  • Type of wheels: 15.5 R25
  • Total machine length: 7.5 m
  • Total machine height: 2.7 m
  • Approximate weight: 9,000 kg

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The DSR-4 is a towed unit, attached to the tractor by means of a special hitch, designed to support the loads generated by the machine.

A machine designed to collect all types and sizes of stones.

It incorporates an independent hydraulic system powered by a PTO-driven hydraulic pump that powers all hydraulic motors.

This allows the hydraulic system to be easily adjusted to the speed and pressure required to cope with the demands of the different conditions in which it is working.

The mouth of the machine has a blade with replaceable tips (PATENTED) and collectors. These collectors increase the sweep of the machine and increase the volume of material entering the elevator for screening.

The machine is equipped with a floating reel (PATENTED) consisting of replaceable teeth.

The reel consists of two pivoting arms that allow it to move up and down controlled by single-acting hydraulic damping cylinders.

These cylinders can control the height of the reel. This is designed to advance larger stones and larger volumes of soil into the screen elevator to avoid blockages. This also breaks up clods and we eds to aid in their removal.

The two hydraulic cylinders on the drawbar are used to control the depth up to 50 cm and to lift the working machine for transport.

Once the material has passed through the mouth of the machine and has reached the elevator chain (PATENTED), it is screened, leaving the rock and stone in the elevator, to be deposited on the TANK, andthe soil is filtered through the chains and returned to the ground.

This allows the machine to pick stones between 16 mm and 150 cm.

The screened stones are deposited in a 4 m3 TANK which can be unloaded onto a truck/trailer at a height of 3.3 m. This is achieved by hydraulically lifting the machine and tilting the TANK hydraulically. The machine is also capable of unloading to the ground.

General characteristics

Direct unloading to trailer by dump truck:Yes

Prepared to collect stones from 2cm to 150 cm:Yes

Adjustable working depth from 5 to 50 cm:Yes

48 mm screening:Yes

16 mm screening (with intermediate rods):Yes

Stone collection by means of a conveyor chain with endless movement, which collects, separates and drives the stones to the TANK:Yes

Coil feeder with floating shaft and hydraulic damping, helical blade distribution:Yes

Equipped with hydraulic pump and hydraulic motors:Yes

Machine with hydraulic inversion:Yes

Machine with hydrostatic system -hydraulic pump on PTO- :Yes

Machine performance with a working width of 1,9 m:30 to 100 m3/h

Loading and unloading work cycles:4 to 15 minutes (depending on stone density).

Spare partsUnits

Chain rods with their respective meshes:5

Anti-wear tines:24

Tine holder:6

PTO coupling:2

Guide wheels:4

Drive shaft sprockets:2

Complete set of hydraulic filters:1

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