• Project Name: Rear hydraulic equipment

Our hydraulic power packs are manufactured on a highly reinforced chassis with a counterweight which incorporates a counterweight adapted to each need. needs. They are equipped with four legs that can be once the equipment is coupled to the tractor. The oil tanks between 60 and 250 liters and are finned for optimal heat dissipation. heat dissipation. They are equipped with a high-pressure axial piston pump capable of delivering a flow rate of 80~100 l/min, depending on the rpm. min, depending on the tractor rpm, and working pressures up to 250 bar. at pressures up to 250 bar. Depending on the PTO output speed Depending on the PTO output speed, the pump will be coupled to a multiplier box or directly to the cardan shaft. multiplier, or directly to the cardan shaft and the PTO of the vehicle.

Upon customer request, we can manufacture equipment with different configurations. configurations. Varying the tank capacity, pump flow rate capacity, pump flow and other options, and adapting the group to the power and output revolutions of the tractor, as required.

If your machine (buggy, olive or almond shaker, excavator, etc.) is equipped with its own hydraulic unit, you will be able to use it, excavator... etc.) has its own hydraulic group, you will be able to connect it to our connect it to our cutting arm without any difficulty, as long as the pump has a high flow rate.

To check prices for the different rear hydraulic equipment we have, please visit our Triginer store.