Rock Pickers Triginer in Egypt's largest agribusiness project.

Triginer destoners were chosen for the largest agro-industrial project for the production of sugar and strategic crops in Egypt.

Canal Sugar launches Phase I of the Feddan 181K reclamation scheme west of Minia in collaboration with El Deiab for land reclamation.

Islam Salem: "We were interested in selecting the best contractors to carry out the project and reach full production capacity by 2022.
Ahmed Deiab: "We are proud to partner with Canal Sugar, leveraging our capabilities and experience, to ideally execute the contractual clauses."

Based on its precisely set implementation plan to ensure the success of the largest agribusiness project in Egypt (located west of Minia) to establish the largest sugar production plant worldwide with a production capacity of 900k tons/year, Canal Sugar announced the conclusion of a contract for the reclamation of 100K Feddans in collaboration with El Deiab for Land Reclamation, marking the first phase of its 181K Feddans reclamation scheme. The signing ceremony took place in the presence of the Governor General of Minia. Osama El-Kady, CEO and Managing Director of Canal Sugar, Mr. Islam Salem and El-Deiab for Land Reclamation CEO and Managing Director, Ahmed Deiab.

Several project milestones were established during the 3-year contract term, based on which Canal-Sugar selected El-Deiab, due to its interest in appointing the best and most experienced contractors to ensure the effective implementation of the project. as El-Deiab is well known for its vast experience in the field of reclamation and cultivation of desert land and the supply and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment.

The contract calls for deep ripping of 100K Feddans, removal of rocks and pebbles in 17K Feddans, land shaping and soil leveling around 10 million m3 of soil from the 100K Feddans area, and finally shallow tillage in the same area, noting that The techniques used in land reclamation were considered the first of their kind in that area.

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